Creative Communication Solutions Ltd.

GoCreate.me is owned and operated by Creative Communication Solutions Ltd., a company incorporated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Creative Communication Solutions Ltd. is the company name and logo that will appear on my PayPal page and invoices.

I’m just a one-person company that happens to be incorporated. My name is Caro Bégin. I write fiction under two pen names, and I’ve been a self-employed WordPress developer for over ten years. Before that, I had various careers, including two years overseas, teaching English as a second language. The two years prior to that were spent teaching various subjects at a naval engineering school. Based on the feedback I got, I’m pretty good at simplifying complex things and providing clear instructions. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

If you attend writers’ conferences, you may have met me (most likely while hanging out at the bar). I’m in my early forties, I have long, curly brown hair, and I speak with a faint French-Canadian accent.