Automating Your Apple Books Affiliate Links

Do you want to make extra income from your Apple Books sales but don’t want to manually create an affiliate link every time you add a new book to your website?

Great news: Apple has a cool (and free) tool that will simplify the creation of your affiliate links on your website by automatically adding your affiliate token to (any) itunes product, your e-books and audiobooks included.

So here’s how to get this to work on your website (WordPress or any other kind of site).

Step 1 – Join the program.

Apply to become an Apple Books affiliate (if you aren’t one already):

Step 2 – Get your Partner Token.

Login to your affiliate account here: Note that your  “Partner Token” appears in the top right corner after you log in (see image below). Normally the next step will automatically enter your token, but if Step 3 shows a blank token, copy and paste the one you see here.

apple affiliate token

Step 3 – Get your Code.

Retrieve your snippet of code by either clicking on the “Auto Link Maker” in the bottom left or visiting the following link and manually copying and pasting your partner token:

Your affiliate token should appear at the top and somewhere in the code (see the redacted bits in the screenshot below).

Step 4 – Add Code to your Site.

Highlight that snippet of Javascript code and paste it in your website’s footer.
See here for instructions and examples:

⚠️If you are using my Parallax for Writers V2.0 theme, paste that snippet in the “Other Footer Scripts”, located under Options -> Tracking Info -> Other Footer Script.

⚠️If you are using the original Parallax for Writers theme, you can enter it in the same box where your Amazon OneLink snippet resides (it’s totally cool to have two scripts in there, no space or hard returns required. Just paste it at the very beginning of the box and the Amazon OneLink snippet should follow.  Go to Options -> Tracking info -> Amazon OneLink.  (Do not delete whatever is in there, just add to it either just before or just after the existing script.)

Step 5 – Modify Links.

Apple’s instructions forgot to mention one very important detail when listing your Apple Books retailer links throughout your site:

The links MUST be…. links

(If you have links with, your affiliate token will NOT be added when people click on the links, so you won’t earn affiliate income.)

Changing the word “books” for “itunes” (near the beginning of the URL) should work, but double-check that each link still takes you to the correct book page after you make that change.

Step 6 – Check Affiliate Redirection.

Check that the link redirects correctly. You will NOT see the affiliate token when you hover over the link. You must CLICK and then pay attention to the URL in your browser window.  At the very end of it, your affiliate token will “flash” for a split second before the URL changes. If you see your partner token flash as you click, then you’re good.

Step 7 – Enjoy.

Those extra pennies will add up over time. Maybe enough to buy me a drink next time you see me at a conference 🍺. Cheers!