Facebook Pixel – How to Verify Your Domain

facebook pixels verify domain

I’ve been getting lots of emails from authors asking me to help them verify their domains with Facebook (following Apple’s iOS updates). In a nutshell, Apple changed the way their phones work. Users can now enable/disable tracking at the app level, so this greatly impacted Facebook and its pixel. This is NOT brand new information (Apple and Facebook have been talking about this for months), but I finally upgraded my phone software to that iOS version last week, so I figured I would share more information now in case you’ve yet to verify your domain names with Facebook.

Facebook (FB) Pixel Changes

Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell: If you don’t verify that you own the domain name(s) where your FB Pixel appears, your pixel will stop working.

There are two common scenarios for authors:

1- Authors advertise on Facebook and send people to their website. You need to verify that you own your domain name in order for your FB pixel to keep working/tracking stuff on your site.

2- Authors advertise on Facebook and send people to BookFunnel, where they have their FB Pixel. Obviously, you don’t own BookFunnel.com (unless you’re Damon. If so, hi Damon!), but there’s a work-around that you can follow to set up a CNAME like bf.penname.com and point it to dl.bookfunnel.com, and then you’ll be able to continue using your Facebook pixel on your BookFunnel delivery pages. You’ll find step-by-step instructions here:

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Future-proof your author business by redirecting links

Are you future-proofing your author business?

How do you currently collect newsletter subscribers at the end of your books?

Do you include a back-matter call-to-action with a link that points directly to [insert your newsletter provider]? (Mailchimp/MailerLite/ActiveCampaign/etc.)

If so, you may be making a costly mistake…

Let me tell you about the stupid error I made years ago. (Looking back now, I’m super grateful I made that mistake early on when I only had a handful of books out.)
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How to Forward a Domain Name

Do you own more than one domain name?

Some authors buy domain names for certain books or series (to prevent other people from using the domain names they want). You can use those domain names and point them to another website that already exists. For example, you could point MyBookName.com to the page on your author website where that book is listed (something like AuthorName.com/books/my-book-name).

The process is super simple. Watch this 4-min video to learn how to do it.

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MailerLite and WordPress/BookFunnel

In this MailerLite and WordPress/BookFunnel tutorial, GoCreate.me explains how to connect MailerLite to your author website, authenticate your domain within MailerLite, set up your default MailerLite settings, add “follow me” links on your unsubscribe page, add your Facebook pixel to your site and BookFunnel landing pages, and lots more.

It’s just under an hour of valuable, actionable content, so better pour yourself a drink or make a sandwich before you sit down and watch this.

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Using Canva to Create Images

If you can’t afford to hire a designer to create header/slideshow/advertisement images, all is not lost.

You can use free tools to create your own images. They probably won’t be as great as what a designer could do for you, but they can be good enough for now, for your budget.

Watch the following video to see how I created a slideshow/header image step-by-step using the following free tools:
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How to Back Up and Update Your Site

Keeping your WordPress site up to date (WordPress version, plugins, themes, and translations) is an essential task if you want to keep it secure and prevent hackers from exploiting whatever vulnerability may have been discovered by the ruthless bots who have been programmed to wreck havoc on the world.

“Why?” you ask…

My guess? For no good reason other than the entertainment of some low-life hacker. But there’s probably some good money to be made with porn, malware, or whatever they’re into these days.

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