Frequently Asked Questions

When I purchase a premium theme from, do I get a custom website built just for me?

Yes and no. Creating a custom author website from scratch takes weeks so the price would be four digits and up, so you get a customized version of my exclusive premium themes. That’s the only way I can keep my costs low.

You pay for the lifetime right to use it on one website and you also get several hours of my time to install/activate your theme and apply some customizations like picking colors and fonts that work with your brand/book genre(s) + custom slideshow images to guide visitors to the most important pages of your website. The theme’s interface is intuitive, and I provide detailed video tutorials on how to populate your book pages and update your site on your own.

Can Parallax for Writers V2.0 or Elementor for Writers be installed on

My themes CAN be installed on, but you need to pay for their business plan (so I can upload themes and plugins). I can help you switch to a self-hosted platform that would be less expensive than the business plan if you want. I’ll take care of all the technical details and recommend hosting if you’re not willing to spend $25/month on’s hosting. (I wouldn’t stay on unless you have tons of traffic to justify the hefty price tag.)

To clarify, if you are paying for WordPress hosting anywhere else (BlueHost, GoDaddy, SiteGround, etc.), this question does NOT affect you because you are self-hosting  I discuss the differences between and here.

What will happen to my existing blog posts?

Your existing pages and posts should remain. The theme I will install will modify the “appearance” of your posts (colors, fonts, and possibly layout), but they will remain visible. Your existing tags and categories will also stay as-is. The exception would be if your current theme/plugins used a custom way to create pages that would be deactivated when I deactivate the theme you are currently using or if you use a premium plugin that isn’t compatible with my theme. I’ll warn you during our initial meeting if I foresee such situation.

Does Parallax for Writers V2.0 or Elementor for Writers come with a renewal fee?

No. It’s a one-time fee. You’ll be able to use the theme you bought forever on the one WordPress site where I installed the theme.

My theme has nothing to do with fees charged by your hosting/domain name registration/security certificate (if applicable). You have to pay for those annually, no matter which company you use.

How will the theme installation affect my live site?

It depends. We will go about it in one of two ways, depending on your hosting situation.

  • Less ideal (and only option if using I will work on your live site. That means the site may appear “a little glitchy” for a couple of hours max. By that I mean the “styling of it” may be a little off, the navigation won’t necessarily point to your new book pages yet (because you’ll have to populate them), but depending on your existing set up, we should be able to leave whatever existing “book pages” you have there, and when your new book pages/series pages are ready for prime time, we will modify the nav bar to point to those, and you could delete your older book pages.
  • Typical: Separate demo/staging site: We create a duplicate of your site + set up my premium theme there (hidden from prying eyes, inside a subfolder, with password protection). Your hosting needs to support a second WordPress installation, not all plans allow it. You can populate your books and take your sweet time. Change your navigation, do whatever you need. Test and tweak until everything is perfect. Once you’re ready, we overwrite your existing WP installation with the new one we worked on. That means you will have to temporarily “put a hold” on posting anything on your real site (or post the same posts/pages on your hidden site) because we’ll overwrite the database (any new pages/posts/comments will be deleted when we do that).

How much customization can I expect?

The installation process is very high-touch. There will be lots of communication between us so I can understand your needs and customize the site based on your goals. will likely spend up to twenty hours customizing your site. If you need extra customization above and beyond what I normally offer for each installation, we can discuss your needs, and I’ll provide a quote during our initial meeting. Examples of extra costs would be setting up a bilingual site or having different appearances (colors/fonts) for certain pages due to genres, pen name, etc.

Can I install the premium theme myself?

It depends.

I can’t sell the Parallax for Writers V2.0  without installing it for the following reasons:

  • As part of my custom installation, I also upload and activate premium plugin(s) for which I own a developer license so you don’t have to renew it annually. In order for your site’s installation to comply with those premium plugins’ terms and conditions, I cannot resell or bundle their plugin code into my theme;
  • My customization is all done by hand-coding CSS, which is something you probably don’t know much about (and why should you?);
  • The installation requires advanced technical knowledge and everyone’s setup is slightly different, so there would be no easy way for me to explain how to do things that would work for every writer.

I do offer a Do-It-Yourself version of the Elementor for Writers  theme  BUT it is not a “plug-and-play” theme. You’ll have to watch the video tutorials and learn how to use the interface. You’ll also have to modify the appearance of your theme (choosing colors/fonts/layouts, etc.). The course contains several hours of step-by-step instructions. The Elementor Pro plugin is very powerful (more than Divi) but it has a learning curve. Also, I CANNOT include the premium plugin as part of the course (for legal reasons), but I do offer an add-on service where I will import your current site and install the bare-bone themes and license the premium plugin. This does NOT include any customization.  So if you want to go that route, you’ll have to purchase the DIY course ($199) AND an add-on service ($97) or you can skip the add-on service and license the premium plugin yourself and keep renewing it every year. They do NOT offer a lifetime license.

Can I copy and reuse your theme on more than one website or (re)sell it to another writer?

No. I’ve priced it as low as I can so authors can afford them but I still have to spend up to twenty hours to install the theme, activate it, and style it for your needs.
Would you like your readers to give away your books (or resell them) to other readers without sending royalties your way? (Didn’t think so.)

I heard that you did David Gaughran’s site, which has two separate looks, one for fiction and one for non-fiction. Can you do that for me?

Sure, but the “second look” costs extra. As of March 2020, the cost for such a dual-identity website would be $599 for the Parallax for Writers V2.0 theme (50% payable when booking) PLUS an additional $299 for the dual identity (payable when the site goes live, along with the remaining 50% for the basic installation).

My question isn’t listed here.

If you have specific requirements for your site and are not sure whether or not I would charge extra for those (or if my theme can meet all your needs), please contact me using this form or email me at