How to Back Up and Update Your Site

Keeping your WordPress site up to date (WordPress version, plugins, themes, and translations) is an essential task if you want to keep it secure and prevent hackers from exploiting whatever vulnerability may have been discovered by the ruthless bots who have been programmed to wreck havoc on the world.

“Why?” you ask…

My guess? For no good reason other than the entertainment of some low-life hacker. But there’s probably some good money to be made with porn, malware, or whatever they’re into these days.

Let’s do our best to avoid getting hacked, shall we?

Here is a detailed video showing you how to know if your site (or anything you’ve installed) is outdated. I’ll explain what to do to update your site, including the important step of backing everything up as a safety measure in the (very unlikely) event something goes wrong with your updates.