How to Forward a Domain Name

Do you own more than one domain name?

Some authors buy domain names for certain books or series (to prevent other people from using the domain names they want). You can use those domain names and point them to another website that already exists. For example, you could point to the page on your author website where that book is listed (something like

The process is super simple. Watch this 4-min video to learn how to do it.

If you would like to purchase new domains, please consider going through my affiliate link for This is the domain name registrar I use for all my domains. They are reliable, inexpensive, and offer free privacy protection (something that lots of registrars charge for). Here’s my affiliate link:

The video above walks you through how to redirect a domain name purchased via NameCheap (my preferred domain name registrar).

If you use other domain name registrars, here are some links that should come in handy.




And if you use another domain name registrar (that’s what we call the place where you bought your domain names), then you can Google stuff like I just did.

Look at your receipt to find out who you bought it from and then Google “how to redirect domains DOMAIN-NAME-REGISTRAR” where you enter the registrar’s name instead of the bit in ALL-CAPS.

Have fun but don’t go overboard and get into debt by buying too many domain names! Domain names must be renewed annually if you want to maintain ownership, so only buy the ones that are truly important to you.

(And of course, you don’t have to redirect your domain names to other sites. You can create separate websites for each of your domain names, but that’s a big time commitment for the initial creation and ongoing maintenance. You’re probably better off writing your next book, right?)