Information Request

If needed, learn the difference between and (self-hosted) here.

If Using

I need your website address/URL (for example If you didn’t provide it during your booking request, please email it to me now (and state the date you booked so I can match the two).

Please login to your WordPress site and follow these instructions to grant administrator access to the following email address:

After doing that, I’ll use my own account and existing password to access the backend of your site and upload themes/plugins. You can revoke my access after I’ve installed your theme.

Make sure you are paying for the “business plan” (or else I won’t be able to upload my premium theme to your site). Learn more here.

If Using (Self-Hosted):

Access to WordPress

You’ll need to create a NEW administrator user associated with my email address: Consult these instructions, if needed. If you tick the appropriate box, I should automatically receive an email with the password you created for me and the URL where I can access your site.

Access to Hosting

In addition to WordPress access, I will need to access your hosting to upload files via FTP/SFTP and possibly get direct access to your database (if I encounter problems). That last part is tricky to share, so that’s why I request hosting access so I can navigate my way to your MySQL database, if needed. There are two options here, pick the one that makes the most sense for you.

Option A: Hosting Credentials

(easiest + you can modify your password after I’m done)
  • Login URL
  • Username
  • Password (You may want to send that password in a separate email. Just place a “code word” in your email, then re-use that same “code word” as subject line when you send me a second email so I can match the two.)

*** OR ***

Option B: FTP/SFTP + MySQL/phpMyAdmin access

(if technically-inclined)

I need FTP/SFTP access to the ROOT level of your website (where I can see the wp-content/wp-admin/etc. folders for the specific site I’ll be working on).

  • FTP/SFTP credentials:
    • URL
    • Username
    • Password
    • Type (FTP/SFTP)
    • Port (if important)
    • Folder (if not obvious)
  • MySQL/phpMyAdmin Access:
    If all goes well, I shouldn’t need it, but please have those credentials (or your hosting credentials) ready to share in the event I need them on your installation date.