Printful for Writers

Main Video


This Printful for Writers training video walks you through setting up your Printful account and getting your first product ready to sell to your readers. (affiliate link) Printful is a great merchandise drop-shipping company for custom swag for writers. You can set up an account for free. NOTE: you will need WooCommerce installed. Refer to this page for more tutorials, if needed.

Important Timestamps:

[1:11] Creating Printful Account ( (affiliate link) )
[2:38] Connecting Printful to WordPress
*Note: Make sure WooCommerce is already installed
[2:58] Adding Printful Plugin
[3:35] Connecting WooCommerce to Printful
[3:38] Permalinks (if you see a warning)
[4:05] WooCommerce Settings/Legacy API
[5:05] Adding first product
[6:05] Designing the product; product info, pricing, and guidelines
[6:38] Print file template
[7:58] Uploading image/design
[8:44] Image Rights
WARNING: Be sure to check image licensing permissions and terms of service before uploading. Most stock photo sites have separate licenses (regular vs. extended) and you can’t use the regular license for merchandise.
[10:30] Image quality issues
[11:45] Reviewing 3D view and Mockup
[13:12] Mockup styles
[13:40] Product details
[14:27] Pricing
[16:28] Syncing products
[16:53] Changing product info on WooCommerce
[17:41] Viewing product
[18:00] Editing product on Printful
[18:42] Editing prices
[19:37] Changing main image
[22:20] Product categories
[22:25] Product short description
[22:53] Making product visible
[23:16] Different size/color options


Printful for Writers Store and Shipping Settings


In this video,  you will walk through setting up your Printful store and shipping settings. (affiliate link) Printful is a great merchandise drop-shipping company for custom swag. You can set up an account for free.

Important Timestamps:

[0:20] Store default selling preferences
[1:10] Orders
[1:17] Order import settings
[1:54] Sync as you go
[2:28] Product alternatives
[3:06] Languages
[3:21] Shipping
[3:37] Standard shipping
[3:51] Shipping settings/WooCommerce settings
[5:02] Branding
[6:05] Returns
[6:21] Notifications


Printful Billing


While it is free to have a Printful Account, once someone orders from your site, you will need to pay Printful for that product.

Watch this 10-minute video to understand how Printful bills you when customers order products on your online store: (You need to be logged in to your Printful account to view it.)

Important Timestamps:

[0:15] How Printful Bills
[0:36] Recommended video on billing: (You need to be logged in to your Printful account to view it.)
[0:47] Billing methods
[1:20] Legal information/taxes


Printful Variable Product Creation


In this video, you will go through the process of creating a variable product with multiple sizes and colors (i.e. a t-shirt) and how to set it up in Printful and WooCommerce. (affiliate link) Printful is a great merchandise drop-shipping custom swag. You can set up an account for free.

If you’d like to create a product with different colors/designs depending on the background color (or perhaps item size), you cannot do it during the original product creation, but you can do it later. Simply proceed through the product creation and syncing steps shown in the video. Once the product is created with one design, then you can go back to edit your store in Printful, edit your product, and you’ll see a way to “add variants” to your existing product. This is where you can upload a different design for different background colors and/or sizes.

variable product Printful for Writers

Important Timestamps:

[0:20] Printful Dashboard/Adding product
[1:20] Product info/pricing
[2:03] Creating a shirt
[3:14] Outside label
[3:40] Inside label
[5:24] Price ranges
[5:42] Mockup styles – Sometimes you will be able to add additional photos. If not, see 7:20.
[6:04] Details
[6:21] Pricing
[7:05] Submit/sync to store
[7:20] Photos/Adding additional photos
[10:12] Edit product/add images
[11:02] Updating products
[12:30] Pricing variable
[13:21] Size guide
[13:50] Weight
[14:10] Changing prices
[15:00] Changing/customizing text and links
[15:30] Changing display of variable options
[16:20] Product Attributes (affiliate link)


Creating a QR Code to Promote Your Store


In this video, you will learn how to create a custom QR code you can use to promote your merchandise store. (affiliate link) Printful is a great merchandise drop-shipping company for custom swag. You can set up an account for free.

NOTE: not all products offer space to place such QR code and extra print placement (such as inside the shirt) typically costs extra. Up to you to determine if it’s worth it.  Also, after creating the video I ordered a shirt with a QR code printed inside. The QR code is very small and I recommend that if you choose to have one, that you don’t add anything else fancy to the design and only have the QR code.

Important Timestamps:

[0:21] QR code generator:
[1:00] QR code graphic
[1:43] Placing on product


Synching Problems – How to Force Sync

If you ever experience problems with your WooCommerce products not being synced with Printful, you can log in to your Printful dashboard, then go to Stores, select your store, then click to Refresh data, as shown in the screenshot below.

printful for writers force sync


Also, make sure to clear the cache on your WordPress site (if you use any caching plugin). Note that some hosting companies include this as a built-in feature, so it’s possible you’ll need to clear cache via a plugin and/or at the hosting level.


Need extra help?

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