Terms and Conditions

I’m not a lawyer, and you probably aren’t one either, so the following is in plain English.

A few technicalities

GoCreate.me is owned and operated by Creative Communication Solutions Ltd. My pricing is in US dollars, but I’m based out of Canada, so I have to charge GST to Canadians. More info here.

What you get when you buy a premium theme

For a one-time fee, I will install, customize, and activate the chosen theme on your website, including specific premium plugin(s) that I will license for use on your website. Where licensing rights are concerned, you are “my client,” and I am “your developer.” I have the right to license those plugins on my clients’ sites. Unless the plugin developers change their business models (which would be totally out of my control), you’ll be able to click a button and update those plugins without ever having to pay a renewal fee. (You’re welcome!)

Your existing content SHOULD remain, but that depends on how your current site is set up. If I foresee problems with losing some of your existing content, I will let you know during the initial one-on-one consultation.

With my one-time fee, I cannot update/maintain your site past my initial theme installation and customization. However, this website contains instructions on how to keep your site updated and secure. As long as you keep the parent theme and plugins up-to-date, your website will remain secure. You’ll also have detailed video instructions on how to update/modify your site and finish populating your book pages, add more slides, etc. on your own. (I promise it will be easy.)

What you don’t get

I worked hard to create my custom themes and associated tutorials, and I hope that, as a fellow author, you will respect my hard work and intellectual property.

Purchasing one of my premium themes does not grant you the right to copy and/or install my theme and associated plugins on a second domain or anywhere else. Similarly, you can’t go through my code to delete/add/modify/copy it then resell it, give it away, or otherwise share it with someone else.

If you want to dig through my work and modify it to fit your needs and use it on the site for which you paid me to install the theme, then go right ahead! (But I recommend you back up your files in case you break something.) I intend on adding more tutorials, so contact me or come back to the site if you have any questions about how to do modify certain things.

Also, I offer a “basic” installation. You can’t expect me to populate all your book pages, especially if you have lots! I will spend up to twelve hours preparing for, installing, and customizing your theme to work for you. Any work past those twelve hours would require additional payment. Rest assured that populating your books will be as simple as can be. (If you know how to use MS Word, you’ll do just fine with my theme.)

The costs associated with registering a domain name, getting a security certificate (if needed), and hosting your website are not included in what I offer here. Same goes for your newsletter and e-book delivery service. If you don’t have those services set up, please visit my recommended services page to find affiliate links to providers I like, use, and trust.

My themes only work on WordPress sites. If you use Squarespace, WIX, or other types of websites, I can work with you to export your current content and import it into a self-hosted WordPress site as part of my installation cost. I will be guiding you every step of the way, but you’ll be doing the export/import work in the easiest/fastest way possible.

Pre-installation planning and scheduling

When you order your premium theme, you will have to select a date. This is the approximate date when I will deal with the bulk of your installation and customization. You will have to send me the information I need prior to that date so I can prepare. Such information will be discussed during our one-on-one consultation.

If you don’t have that information ready in time, I won’t be able to do my job. Since other people may have hired me on the day(s) that follow, I may not be able to squeeze you in right away when you have your stuff ready. So please respect my time, and I’ll respect yours.

Also, if you don’t provide the information I need to do what you hired me to do within 30 days of ordering the theme (using the date you selected as the installation date) and if we haven’t agreed to an exception to this rule in writing, you forfeit your right to your money. Sorry, but that’s just the cost of doing business.

Final Payment

As of 2020, the premium installations are now billed in two instalments: 50% deposit is required upfront (payable when booking online) and the remaining 50% is due two weeks after GoCreate.me completes the required tasks OR when going live, whichever occurs first. Typically authors are able to populate their books while GoCreate.me is finalizing the coding of the site, which keeps the invoicing cycle simple. But if an author requires more time (due to a large back catalog of books or personal situation), then GoCreate.me will invoice the remaining 50% two weeks after the website tasks assigned to GoCreate.me are completed. Whenever the author is ready to take the site live, then the author can email GoCreate.me, and we will help take the site live at that point (at no extra cost).

Image, font, marketing, and other rights

As part of my theme installation, I’ll provide you with icons for the most popular retailers and social networks. I’ll also set up one or more slides in your homepage slideshow, your social media icons, your book retailer icons, your favicon (tiny icon that appears on the browser tab), and at least one of your book pages. But I’ll be using your book cover image(s) and your logo (optional). Please provide me with images for which you own the rights. If not, your ass will be on the legal line, not mine. My themes use royalty-free Google web fonts and royalty-free images, so no licensing is required. When images or other things sit in a gray area for use on your site, I’ll let you know in the video tutorials and the decision and implications associated with the use of those items are all yours to make and deal with.

You will also grant me the non-exclusive right to display/mention/brag about your website as part of my marketing efforts (and you also get some extra visibility out of it). I’m not claiming any rights on any of your work. I just want to showcase your stuff. It’s a win-win, right? If you’re not cool with this, simply let me know and I will NOT mention your website in my marketing efforts. (And if you use a pen name, don’t worry, I will NOT disclose your real identity.)

Viruses, malware, and other bad things

I’ve been building websites since 2007. I know what I’m doing. The code I wrote does not contain malware or spyware (or any other malicious things). Similarly, I didn’t include affiliate links in my code. In fact, my premium themes include instructions on how you can make additional income from Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, and any other retailers that offer affiliate programs. I created my premium themes to help fellow writers make the most out of their writing careers.

All that said, in order to not reinvent the wheel, my themes rely on free, open-source parent themes created by third-parties. I did not comb through their code line by line. Instead, I relied on WordPress.org to do that as part of their (very strict) approval process when they listed such themes in their official theme depository. I can’t and won’t be held liable if those third-parties messed up and included something they shouldn’t have, and/or if hackers find vulnerabilities in the code now or in the future, and/or if you don’t keep your WordPress installation, themes, and plugins updated.

IMPORTANT: You must keep your WordPress installation, themes (including the parent theme), and plugins up-to-date. Instructions on how to do that can be found here. I won’t update my premium child themes unless there are security concerns or incompatibility with their parent theme. If that happens, I’ll email those who purchased that specific theme with step-by-step instructions on how to update it.

Post installation

As part of my customized installation, I’ll help you with domain name redirection, email forwarding, and other technical things related to your site, if needed. I’ll also verify that the content I populated for you adjusts nicely to fit screens with various widths, from mobile phones to desktops. If you notice display/alignment issues or any other problems that I missed within two weeks (fourteen calendar days) of theme activation, just contact me via email at caro@creativecs.ca, and I’ll fix those for free.

For security reasons, once the two-week post-installation window is over you should revoke any administrator access that was granted and modify hosting passwords or any other credentials you temporarily shared with GoCreate.me.

Contacting me

Please communicate with me via EMAIL as my inbox is my to-do list. Social media interactions will likely fall through the cracks. Use caro@creativecs.ca (or the contact form, both lead to my inbox).

Once email communication has been established, we can book times to chat via Skype, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger  (if needed). Similarly, if watching the videos describing the themes I currently offer isn’t enough to help you determine if my themes would work for you, please email me, and we can schedule a free fifteen-minute consultation.

Additional work

Don’t worry. There won’t be hidden charges. I’ll tell you ahead of time if additional costs apply, or if you’re asking for too many customizations that will take you past the maximum number of hours I’ve allocated to your site. Any additional work past the basic installation will be billed at $100/hr (USD)* in 15-minute increments.
*This is my rate for 2021. I reserve the right to change it annually.

Third-party contracts

GoCreate.me is a one-woman business. I reserve the right to contract other parties to help me if the demand from the author community calls for it in the future. Rest assured that I will train/oversee those folks properly, though. I do care. Writers are my peeps!


If you change your mind and decide to cancel your request for a premium theme installation at least 48 hours prior to the agreed-upon date, you’ll be refunded 90% of the money you spent. I will keep 10% to cover the costs associated with processing the transaction/refund for your weathervane behavior.

Life happens. I understand. 10% lost isn’t so bad. (I should say más o menos 10% because PayPal’s exchange rate probably fluctuated. I can’t control that.)

Fine print

No website or database can be made 100% secure as hackers constantly improve security circumvention measures and techniques. I abide to commonly accepted coding practices, and I’ll ensure your database and website are as secure as possible.  If I spot something fishy/not secure while working on your site, I’ll let you know right away.

That doesn’t mean I want to be held responsible if your hosting company/server/other plugins you already have installed create problems. By hiring me to set up your author theme, you agree to not institute legal proceedings against me, my company, or this website. You can’t request financial compensation in the event of database breach or other site malfunction that may result from errors or damages resulting from unauthorized access or use of your website, which could originate from any source. You will indemnify, defend, and save me harmless against any claim, damages and expenses, actions or causes of action arising from or prompted by the use of any material supplied to me by you.

I will not be held responsible for delays in delivery caused by acts of God, strikes, fires, floods, or any other similar circumstances beyond my control.

Last Modified: Aug 2, 2020