Parallax for Writers V2.0


ONE-TIME COST: This Premium theme costs $599

**This theme is no longer offered and has been replaced with the more powerful Elementor for Writers.**

Parallax for Writers V2.0 features easy-to-populate book pages, series pages, landing pages, and promo pages.

The one-time price includes a high-touch, customized installation. You can keep your existing blog posts. I’ll customize your home page, connect your newsletter sign-up form(s), select appropriate colors/fonts for your genre, and populate one book. You’ll populate your other books using my theme’s intuitive interface, and I’ll help you with any technical issues or questions you may have (reader magnet delivery, security certificate, etc.)

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+ Theme Installation + Video Instructions

No more fiddling with things and swearing that the theme you bought doesn't look like the demo you saw. We'll get you started, customize your site's colors and fonts to match your brand, then our video tutorials (see below) will guide you in populating the rest of your books/update your site on your own.

+ Responsive Design

The site's content will resize and adjust to fit mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

+ Home Page Slideshow

Use as a simple header image or create a slideshow (with unlimited slides) linking to book pages, book series pages, newsletter, and/or whatever promotion hosted on your site or other site.

+ Easy-to-Populate Book Pages

Everything you need (and nothing you don't). You pick among the optional sections. Upload book cover, title, tagline, author name, series name, blurb, as many retailer links as you want (e-book, paperback, large print, hardback, and audio), praise, collapsable excerpt, and links/covers for the related books you choose.

+ Multiple Book Series Pages

Offered in full-width or with sidebar, these templates let you list unlimited books, arranged per genre/series/whatever you want. You can also list all your audiobooks using these templates.

+ Landing Page Template

Promote something without your readers getting distracted by your header, footer, or sidebar. Include a book image, a short paragraph, (optional) form/button code, and (optional) background image.

+ Promotion Pages

Tile covers pointing to various websites/retailers/BookFunnel pages and host your own promos. Or use it to display a selection of books you've edited/covers you've designed/additional reading resources with affiliate links, etc. The countdown timer is optional.

+ Integration with Your Newsletter Provider

We'll integrate the code from your newsletter provider in a sidebar and/or footer. While we won't write your autoresponder for you, we'll gladly help you find the appropriate code from your newsletter provider and recommend a work flow if you don't know how to deliver your reader magnet to your readers.

+ Unlimited Retailer Links and Icons

Showcase official retailers links for up to five book formats (e-books, paperbacks, hardbacks, large print, and audio). We'll pre-populate the major players. You can change/re-order the icons and add new ones anytime you want.

+ Social Media & Retailer Icons

Select and re-order your social media profiles or author pages in the footer. Select from ones we will pre-populate and/or add your own. You can use as many images as you want and include one to three customizable buttons for those retailers who don't have images we can legally use.

+ Earn Affiliate Income from Retailers

While we can't join those programs for you, we'll provide instructions on how you can earn geo-localized income from the big players.

+ Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics Tracking

Include your Google Analytics snippet and Facebook pixel to benefit from these companies' powerful tracking technology.

+ Built-In Cookie Bar

Cookie bars are required by some countries, and the one that we include will disappear once your visitors acknowledge it (until they clear their cookies).

+ Custom 404 Error Page

You control what your visitors see when they land where they shouldn't. Might as well promote something, right?

Hire to install this theme on your WordPress site for $599Book Now
(50% deposit)


  • "Selling direct" isn't really supported.
    You can send people to Payhip or we could embed a Selz store (but transactions are NOT tracked/handled by your website per se). You could modify the templates to make WooCommerce work, but it's not built in.
  • Email collection and e-book delivery features require third-party services.
    WordPress is a great platform for websites, but it's not a magical system. You still need to use a newsletter service (MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite, aWeber, ConvertKit, etc.) and e-book delivery service (such as BookFunnel) to take care of some behind-the-scene tasks (if you choose to offer reader magnets, for example). We'll help you connect it all correctly on your site.

Hire to install this theme on your WordPress site for $599Book Now
(50% deposit)


After receiving your order, Caro will record a personal video for you and suggest a time for a one-on-one video chat. Depending on your needs, the list of information you'll have to prepare may differ (you'll find out during the video chat), but here's a typical list of things she'll need at least one week prior to the installation date you selected:

  • WordPress Administrator Credentials & Hosting Credentials (if applicable)
    More details are available here.
  • Slideshow Image(s)
    We can create those for you or you can provide your own. 1920 px wide by 500px high. Here's a sample slide you can use to guide you and here's a tutorial on how to use Canva to create slides.
  • Detailed Information for One Book
    We will ONLY populate one book, then you can populate the rest using the videos below. Provide the book cover, tagline*, sales blurb, retailer link(s)*, praise*, excerpt*, media* (YouTube video OR SoundCloud audio). (*optional)
  • URLs for your Book Retailer Author Pages + Social media profiles
    Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, GoodReads, Amazon, Apple Books, etc. Whatever you have, we'll include in the footer of your site. You can re-order and add more later.
  • Branding Information
    If you want to use established branding, specific fonts, colors, or style, please share font names/color codes/sample websites you like. If you don't have any branding information, we'll style your site with something that works based on your book covers and/or genre(s).
  • Newsletter Sign-Up Box(es)
    If you want to offer a reader magnet (e.g., free story) when people join your mailing list, send me the code (provided to you by your newsletter provider) along with an image of your bonus and the wording and I'll set up your newsletter sign up boxes in the sidebar and/or footer.
  • Landing Page Content
    If you want a landing page populated with a sample book offer + form that connects to your newsletter, then provide image, wording, and form code (from your newsletter provider). See example here.
  • Tracking Information
    If you want to include your Facebook pixel and/or Google Analytics code, please email me the entire snippets. Read Facebook's instructions and Google Analytics' instructions.
  • Turning Off Notifications
    If your site uses a plugin like JetPack or some sort of theme or feature that notifies visitors when you add new posts or pages, PLEASE turn it off prior to the installation (or else your followers could be swamped with emails).

Recommended Plugins

  • Yoast SEO (Get it FREE here)
    If you want Google and other search engines to index your pages, this free plugin is great. You can also control what image/excerpt gets shared on social media by editing individual book pages/posts/pages, etc. Learn how to use the plugin here.
  • Classic Editor (Get it FREE here)
    The tutorial videos were recorded prior to WordPress 5.0, so installing and activating this plugin will make your interface match the one shown in the tutorial videos. I think the older WordPress interface is less complex (but that could just be me).

Hire to install this theme on your WordPress site for $599Book Now
(50% deposit)

Video Tutorials

Multiple Series Pages

Embed Codes for Books/Series

How to Edit the Home Page

Book Series Pages

Individual Books

Home Page Slideshow/Header Image

Promo Pages

Landing Pages

Flexible Blank Pages

How to Edit the Menu

Retailer Icons

Footer Content

Sidebar Modifications

Error Page

Newsletter Form Edits

Blog Posts

Freebie Delivery

Adding a background image

Opening Links in New Tabs

Create a Media Page

Hire to install this theme on your WordPress site for $599Book Now
(50% deposit)

*Extra costs for e-commerce/extra functionality.
If you spot a broken link or want your site listed here, please contact me.


If you have questions, please check the FAQ. If it's not answered there, you can contact me using this form.